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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

End the $30billion in aid to Israel..join activists for a Protest on Sep 15th in SF

Call to action!
Global protests on September 15, 2011 –
No More Aid to Israel!
As citizens of the United States, we are concerned about our government’s use of our tax dollars. Our schools are struggling. Cities are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Don’t get us started on health care.

And then, there’s the Middle East.

Obama praised the democratic revolutions that toppled dictators in the Middle East. But in the same speech, he pledged to continue sending US tax dollars to support Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian territory—an occupation that is illegal, dangerous to both Israelis and Palestinians, and decidedly undemocratic.

The United States supplies the IDF with the tear-gas canisters they use to suppress non-violent protests. In recent years, there have been several civilian fatalities and many serious injuries resulting from these canisters being aimed directly at protesters. (courtesy R€fu$e)
The United States has allotted a staggering 30 billion dollars to the Israeli military, for 2009-2018 alone. (Want to know how much your state is contributing to the illegal Israeli occupation? Click here to find out).

This September, the eyes of the world will be focused on Israel/Palestine as Palestinian politicians are expected to request the admission of a state of Palestine to the UN.  The Israeli government has responded by announcing the construction of new blocks of illegal settlements, including 1,600 housing units around East Jerusalem, cutting off the last open route between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.  While it seems extremely unlikely that the admission of a state of Palestine to the UN will change the reality on the ground for Palestinians living under occupation in any way, the US has promised to veto even this symbolic gesture.

As American citizens, we object to our country’s unwavering, unquestioning political support of Israel.

As American citizens, we object to our tax dollars being used to fund occupation and colonization.

And as world citizens, we demand a just solution that guarantees equality and human rights for all people who call Israel and Palestine their home.

On September 15–the International Day of Democracy and two days after the UN has convened–we will take to the streets and demand true democracy for everyone in the Middle East. We will demand that the American government listen to us and respect our opinion as much as it listens to the special interest groups in Washington, DC.

And we will demand that our government keep that 30 billion dollars at home. After all, wouldn’t that money be better spent in American Territory?

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